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Welcome to our online store

Day Collars is a place for personalized handmade collars, leashes, cuffs and belts.

We cater to everyone, from sporty and informal daily fashion to the leather community.

With us, you can make your style of collars, leashes, belts, cuffs and other leather products. We will guide you through the styling of your accessory and the whole thing concerning your order is personalized to your needs and specifications. You can visit our Make Your Own page to know the materials as well as adornments we use.

For inspiration and ideas on your personal style or to simply admire our completed works, please visit our gallery page.

We at Day Collars are dedicated to providing high quality services and products

We have many years of experience in this field and we have been in the custom leather business for over 20 years.

The reason you’ve never heard of us is we have done subcontracting work for a major leather company. We decided it was time to go direct to the public and offer better prices, better quality and more customization options.

We offer the highest level of customization in the world. We have colors and styles that are unique to our company. Our design studio was built specifically to help people express their own ideas and make something truly unique and personal to them.

Why Choose Us to be Your Source of Leather Collars?

Our design studio is the only site to offer a custom drag and drop functionally. We offer the greatest selection of colors, linings and hardware anywhere. Not only do we make extremely high quality products, but we understand WHY people buy our products.

We understand that a collar means different things to different people. Whether you are in the BDSM lifestyle, Gothic Scene, Furry Scene or just like to wear collars, we get you and understand you. Collars are symbolic and in many cases mean more to people than a wedding ring. That is why having a custom collar that is unique and personal to you makes it special.

Sometimes, a collar means a serious commitment and we understand that. We want this to be special for you and made exactly the way you want it. Expressing yourself and personalizing your collar helps underscore that commitment. We specialize in custom orders and no other company can beat us when it comes to this service. We are expert leather craftsmen. If you can sketch it, we can make it.

We are responsive and love to talk to our customers. Communication is the key to any business and we understand that it can be frustrating and annoying to call a company that doesn’t return phone calls or emails. We make it a point to be reachable and accessible to our clients anywhere you are in this world.

Day Collars is a reliable source of high quality leather products. Don’t hesitate to visit our gallery to see our wide selection of collar products. You can visit our contact page for more information.

Advantages of Buying a Custom Collar Instead of a Premade Collar

Collars are very popular among different people with different lifestyles or fashion tastes. They are most popular to those in the Gothic scene, those involved with BDSM or D/s relationships, and even those who belong with the fury fandom. Due to its popularity among different people in these lifestyles, there are companies offering premade collars and there are also those offering personalized ones.

Some would love to get the premade ones yet there are still those who prefer getting customized collars for many different reasons. Yes, some premade ones may suit your style but there are some who find these options not satisfying especially those who like seeing certain designs or details in their collars. For these people who give much attention with the details of the collars they are planning to purchase, customization has always been a great option and worth their money.

Advantages of Getting Customized Collars

You can easily purchase premade collars, yet there are a lot of issues that you may encounter with just choosing to get this option. There are many advantages of getting customized collars. Some of these advantages are the following:

  • The kind of material you want will be used.
  • Whatever the design you prefer will be created.
  • Engravings and details can be added.
  • The size that you want for a specific style will be followed.

These are just some of the main advantages that entice shoppers to get personalized collars instead of premade options. Yes, premade collars can be crafted with high quality materials and unique designs. However, not all can be made with the specific style or design that a person would want. Most of the times, these collars are not easily altered, which makes it ideal for a person who would want to get a customized one based from the sketch that they provide.

Work Friendly!

Now you can wear your Day Collar at work and feel safe.

Why is Personalizing a Collar Important?

What makes personalization important with collars is that it can completely resemble or signify what the collar means for the wearer or what it means for the giver. Since it is a usual equipment or tool when it comes to BDSM relationships, it is necessary for most Dominants that they can have a special collar made for each of their submissive. It will be the symbol of their bond. Most of the time, it signifies the commitment that the sub has for the Dom and also shows how the Dom recognizes the role of the sub in their relationship.

When it comes to the D/s relationship, most Dominants would choose to have customized collars as they can choose what particular material they want for the collar and also have engravings and certain decors included in it. There are times when they want these items chained to cuffs that can be attached to the sub’s feet or hands. Sometimes, Dominants would want it to be paired with several belts, which are also customized.

Aside from focusing on the preferences of those focused on BDSM relationships, personalization plays an important role when it comes to the fashion sense of people in other aforementioned lifestyles such as those involved in gothic scenes and fury fandom. They can choose the dark colors and unique decors they could add in a collar and for those wanting fury collars they can choose what colors and designs they want to be added in these items.

What Materials You Prefer?

Collars can be made from various materials like plastic and leather. On the other hand, a lot of women opt for collar made of leather as it is more comfortable to wear and most of all last for a lifetime.

Discreet, Sexy and Sublime

A collar is a type of band wear around your neck. Today, there are lots of fashionable collars that can be worn by women. Some of the collars can be utilized for formal occasions, there are also collars that can be worn both for formal and informal.


High Quality Products Last for Many Years

High quality products could last for so many years, though you use it frequently. A good and high quality product is not determined by the process of making, but also by the materials used in making the product. If you are a smart buyer, ensure the product is made of high quality products in order to last for a lifetime.


It Can Be Used By The Next Generation

High quality products last for many years, so you can pass it to the next generation without changing its looks and the style.

Quality craftsmanship is indeed very important for customers and stores alike. This allows customers to save money and it helps company become popular at the same time.

Buying from a Company that Understands Your Needs and Requirements

We all want the best in life. It also applies when buying accessories like collars, cuffs or bracelets. To make the most out of the products you are purchasing, it is highly advisable to get products from a company that understands you needs and requirements.

High Quality Craftsmanship Saves You Money in the Long Run

As the product was made of high quality materials, you can use it for a long period of time. Thus, it saves you a significant amount of money from repair or buying a new one.

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