We at Day Collars are dedicated to providing high quality products

We have many years of experience in this field and we have been in the custom leather business for over 20 years.

The reason you’ve never heard of us is we have done subcontracting work for a major leather company. We decided it was time to go direct to the public and offer better prices, better quality and more customization options.

We offer the highest level of customization in the world. We have colors and styles that are unique to our company. Our design studio was built specifically to help people express their own ideas and make something truly unique and personal to them.

Why Choose Us to be Your Source of Leather Collars?

We offer the greatest selection of colors, linings and hardware anywhere. Not only do we make extremely high quality products, but we understand WHY people buy our products.

We understand that a collar means different things to different people. Whether you are in the BDSM lifestyle, Gothic Scene, Furry Scene or just like to wear collars, we get you and understand you. Collars are symbolic and in many cases mean more to people than a wedding ring. That is why having a custom collar that is unique and personal to you makes it special.

Sometimes, a collar means a serious commitment and we understand that. We want this to be special for you and made exactly the way you want it. Expressing yourself and personalizing your collar helps underscore that commitment. We specialize in custom orders and no other company can beat us when it comes to this service. We are expert leather craftsmen. If you can sketch it, we can make it. Well the law of physics still apply 🙂

We are responsive and love to talk to our customers. Communication is the key to any business and we understand that it can be frustrating and annoying to call a company that doesn’t return phone calls or emails. We make it a point to be reachable and accessible to our customers.

Day Collars is a reliable source of high quality leather products. Don’t hesitate to visit our gallery to see our wide selection of collar products.

Discreet, Sexy and Sublime

Our day collars are made to be totally reversible, so its like getting two collars in one.  By adding an eyelet you can hang anything you like from it. You can select a charm when you create your day collar or use a charm you already have. We offer all different types of charms to help individualize your day collar to make sure to expresses your uniqueness. Today, there are lots of fashionable collars that can be worn by men and women. Some of the collars can be utilized for formal occasions, there are also collars that can be worn both for formal and informal.