What is a day collar?

What is a day collar? How is it different than a regular collar?

Day Collars are smaller and more elegantly designed compared to regular sized collars. This serve multiple purposes. For some a collar represents a very special bond and commitment to one another. Wanting to be connected to them wearing a collar even in public. A Day Collar can serve as that collar while being discreet and stylish all at the same time. The bonds that ties a collared couple together is very strong. That bond is special and unique just like a personalized day collar.

Day Collars can be worn as stylish leather jewelry. We have lots of different color options available. Day Collars can be reversible depending on what options you select. So it can really be two collars in one. Another great feature of our day collars is the ability to hang a charm from it to further add to the personalization.

Aside from focusing on the preferences of those focused on BDSM relationships, personalization plays an important role when it comes to the fashion sense of people in other aforementioned lifestyles such as those involved in gothic scenes and alternative lifestyles. They can choose the dark colors and unique decors for their collar. Make something as special and unique as you are.

New Closure Design

Work Friendly!

Now you can wear your Day Collar at work and feel safe.