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Why is Personalizing a Collar Important?

What makes personalization important with collars is that it can completely resemble or signify what the collar means for the wearer or what it means for the giver. Since it is a usual equipment or tool when it comes to BDSM relationships, it is necessary for most Dominants that they can have a special collar made for each of their submissive. It will be the symbol of their bond. Most of the time, it signifies the commitment that the sub has for the Dom and also shows how the Dom recognizes the role of the sub in their relationship.

When it comes to the D/s relationship, most Dominants would choose to have customized collars as they can choose what particular material they want for the collar and also have engravings and certain decors included in it. There are times when they want these items chained to cuffs that can be attached to the sub’s feet or hands. Sometimes, Dominants would want it to be paired with several belts, which are also customized.

Aside from focusing on the preferences of those focused on BDSM relationships, personalization plays an important role when it comes to the fashion sense of people in other aforementioned lifestyles such as those involved in gothic scenes and fury fandom. They can choose the dark colors and unique decors they could add in a collar and for those wanting fury collars they can choose what colors and designs they want to be added in these items.

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